Anonymous OpAnaheim Press Release

Senin, 30 Juli 2012

People of Anaheim, Citizens of the United States and the world:

On July 21st, in Anaheim California, police shot a unarmed young Latino man in the back of the head. What followed on July 25th added insult to injury, as protesters in Anaheim were attacked by a vicious police force. Women, men and children were shot with rubber bullets. A Police K9-unit German shepherd nearly killed a small child, attacked the stroller it was in, then bit a man who had fallen on the ground in the chaos. Impact rounds and pepper bullets were fired at citizens who did nothing but voice their anger at an out-of-control police force.
To the police force in Anaheim: Stop starting riots. As we demonstrate in the streets, you repress us with severe and swift violence, then sit back as the people are accused of the aggression. Make no mistake, your militarized police force is the source of the violence, not the people. 

These people have entrusted the safety of the citizens and the streets to you, and you have betrayed that trust. We rage because our voices cannot be heard, especially those of us marginalized by a racist and violent system. When we get frustrated by your repression, you brutalize us in the streets where we live. 

Your aggressive methods to stifle freedom of speech will not stand. Your actions will not be forgiven. From the killing of an unarmed man, to the injuries and possible further murders you could have have inflicted on the people; you now have our full attention.

To the citizens of Anaheim, we are with you. Stand up to the police in your own way, and do not accept their illegitimate authority. We will do everything in our power to assist you in resisting this violation of your rights. Be safe, be smart, be organized!

We, Anonymous, are calling to the citizens of The United States, and the internet community at large to rise up in unison and protest this corrupt system in whichever way you are able. The the future of human culture is truly in our hands. Do we wish to be oppressed further, or do we wish to obtain freedom and peace? The choice is ours.

Resistance is all that stands between 2012 and 1984.

Operation Anaheim, engaged.

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.

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